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Get Therapy for Your Root Canal in Winnipeg

Removing infected dental pulp and tissue is a precise surgery. When you need a root canal surgery in Winnipeg, we are the place to go to for treatment. Cathedral Dental Centre is dedicated to helping you feel better again with endodontic surgery. Our procedures are aimed at removing the infected tissue, cleaning the tooth, and protecting the tooth from future issues. We want to make you feel comfortable in our friendly and welcoming office. Come see us today.

A root canal happens when the tissue, nerves, and blood vessels that provide the pulp with nutrition get infected. It is a painful experience that you want to be resolved as quickly and easily as possible. We use modern methods to determine if you need surgery or not. If the damage is irreversible, the therapy procedure, known as endodontic therapy, involves removing infected material, disinfecting the space, and then refilling the area. Book an appointment with our specialist right away.

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